Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the pledge process? The pledge process is 6 weeks starting the following week after invitation. 


Can I join if I am a member of another Greek Letter Organization (GLO)? Being a part of any GLO requires a significant amount of time and commitment. Although we discourage spreading yourself too thin we do not prohibit membership into Phi Alpha Xi if you are a member of another GLO. 


Does Phi Alpha Xi have members outside of Virginia? Yes, we have members in different states across the U.S.


Is it expensive to become a member of Phi Alpha Xi Sorority, Inc.? No, we understand the importance of your financial responsibilities, therefore, we are proud to say that our membership expenses are reasonable. We also offer multiple options that will work for everyone.

Anti-Hazing Policy

Phi Alpha Xi Sorority, Inc has a zero-tolerance hazing policy. This policy is embedded in multiple documents including the Constitution and Bylaws. Anyone interested in obtaining more information on the Phi Alpha Xi anti-hazing policy should contact the organization.